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Welcome to Aum Perfume, a distinguished luxury fragrance brand based in London. Our focus is on offering the most exquisite fragrances to individuals who have a discerning eye for quality. Our brand represents a harmonious blend of storytelling and artistry and aims to convey through each creation a unique olfactory experience elevated to the level of pure art.
Each perfume, like a story itself from the beginning of creation, is designed to evoke curiosity and admiration. Furthermore, we take pride in offering gender-neutral fragrances, meticulously crafted for both men and women. Prepare to be captivated by the opulent sensory journey that Aum Perfume can deliver!

The Aum Perfume Story

“Aum” derives from the Hindi language and is associated with the sacred spiritual symbol in Hinduism and is believed to be the primordial sound (Pranava) of the Universe. Therefore, we deliberately chose “Aum” as our brand name, as we aspire to offer profound spiritual encounters through our products.
We embarked on this journey with a small, yet highly experienced team. Their expertise begin with a collection of seven exceptional fragrances, each one distinguished from the others and continues to unfold through the creation of other unique scents and aromas.
Each new essence is crafted to celebrate a specific emotion or feeling, reflecting varied moods and experiences. This ongoing innovation and evolution of our collection bring forth a diverse blend of scents, intended to delight and encourage the exploration and discovery of the olfactory universe.


Aum Perfume is an outstanding fragrance brand, distinct from the conventional. Our steadfast dedication is focused on utilizing only the most exceptional and elusive ingredients found in the realm of fragrance manufacturing.
As a result, the fragrances we provide are undeniably exceptional. Furthermore, our scents are crafted through exceptional formulations, ensuring each one’s unique character. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself compelled to build a collection of these distinctive fragrances.
Each fragrance in our collection carries its own unique story, enriched with highly concentrated, top-tier fragrance oils. Consequently, when you choose our fragrances, in terms of longevity, silage and performances, there are certainly no doubts.
Nevertheless, they represent opulence and quality, promising boundless pleasure and contentment when worn.


Our devotion is to create perfumes for customers who appreciate elegance and refinement, yet are also eager to explore and try the innovations from our luxury fragrance collection. We strive to offer products that blend subtlety and finesse while bringing surprising and fresh elements to the world of luxury perfumery.

We carefully select rare and top-quality ingredients to craft distinctive and bold scents, intended to provide a unique and memorable olfactory experience to each customer. Thus, we aim to bring a new and captivating story in every bottle, meant to linger in the memory and preferences of those who appreciate the true art of perfumery.

We take pride in offering you an opulent array of fragrances, designed to elevate your senses and bring you unparalleled delight.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Aum Perfume! Our promise is to provide you with the finest fragrances, ensuring a flawless olfactory experience. Our primary focus is to leave a lasting impression on our customers through the delivery of high-quality and exquisite scents.

By choosing Aum Perfume, you gain exclusive access to the sheer joy of our artisanal creations.

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We eagerly anticipate expanding our perfume range with new products in the near future. Join us now, and you will have the privilege of owning the finest perfumes available for purchase, ones that are bound to capture your heart. We promise!